The Meaning of The Emblem

The emblem of Vishuddha Blue Sound System is our creative remake of the 5th Chakra symbol known as the Throat Chakra and called Vishuddha in Sanskrit. Like the Throat Chakra symbol, we hope that the VBSS emblem will be a Yantra and a symbol of inspiration and awareness in the movement towards overstanding and awareness.

Vishuddha houses our ability to communicate and speak up for what we know in; The inverted triangle of the THROAT chakra symbol is symbolic of spiritual growth.

 "At the fifth chakra, the inner and the outer meet. Remember, at the fourth, the lower and the higher meet. At the fifth, the inner and the outer meet." - Bhagwan Shree Rajneesh

We named our sound system Vishuddha Blue because Vishuddha controls the principle of sound that's related to hearing. It’s Sanskrit meaning also corresponds to purity, pure truth, pure speaking, and pure communication with it’s representing color being mostly Blue.

There are 10 colors in the VBSS emblem. Seven of those colors represents the seven Chakras. The grey represents neutrality and balance (The grey area), Black represents the beginning and end, and the light blue (Fresh Water Blue or Sky Blue) is another shade of Vishudda.

Red - Root Chakra
Orange - Sacral Chakra
Yellow - Solar Plexus Chakra
Green - Hearth Chakra
Blue - Throat Chakra
Indigo - Third Eye Chakra
Violet - Universal

The circles or round shapes that are surrounded by the lotus petals are inspired by audio speakers (drivers), the moon, purity, and cosmic sound. These elements should remind us of meditation; To blend ether (space) or Akasha to achieve more awareness, and to accomplish that purification or awareness, ones throat chakra must be opened and balanced.

The music notes and keys represent creativity, destruction, and silence (before, in-between, and after the notes or form.)

The downward pointing triangle is affiliated with the gathering of information from lower chakras to make this evolution possible, while the widening upward signifies enlightenment through purification. In this instance, the energy is the gathering of knowledge toward enlightenment. The Throat Chakra is the meeting place where knowledge and wisdom meet.

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