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Friday, 15 February 2019 19:14

On St. Patrick’s Day Weekend it won’t be only about wearing green and chilling with your favorite leprechauns, because over in the San Luis Valley, a beautiful oasis has emerged called Joyful Journey Hot Springs and Spa; and at this mineral filled retreat, Vishuddha Blue Sound System will be displaying its vibrant colors and reverberating sound for the first time in Colorado.

So gather up your family of all ages and call your friends, March 16th will be the date to soak, heal, dance and become whole again; with Sound Healing, meditation, Tai Chi, and Five hours filled with intoxicating beats provided by DJs spinning Roots Reggae, Digital Dub, Afro House, and Tribal.

Saturday, March 16th, 2019

01:00PM – 08:00PM

Joyful Journey Hotsprings & SPA
28640 CR 58 EE, Moffat, CO 81143
719-256-4328 (Heat)
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32 miles south of Salida and 50 miles north of Alamosa in the San Luis Valley of south-central Colorado - on Highway 17 one mile south of the Highway 285 junction.

Entrance fee:
We are not charging a set price for this event, but we are more than happy to accept Free-Will offerings. Upon arrival, you'll be given the program schedule and an envelope, and if you 'Will,' put a contribution in it and drop it off at the Free-Will Offering box which will be located at the Vishuddha Blue Merch table, it will be highly appreciated. The offerings will go towards keeping our events family-friendly without set cost.

Event Schedule
Vishuddha Blue is a custom made Sound System operated by Yahru El Guru, which delivers up to 10,000 watts of sound. This system was designed to deliver clear sound when frequencies are played that open up the throat chakra.

Through vibration and movement, Vishuddha Blue Sound System aims to promote consciousness and awareness, in an atmosphere where we can gather, meditate, reason, heal, stretch, and dance. We feel we will achieve just that through Sound Healing, Meditation, The Art of Movement, Self Expression, and Closing Vibrations.

Sound Healing
Also known as Vibrational Medicine is a practice that employs vibrations from many different instruments and voices. Such as Singing bowls, Gongs, and chanting.
The opening session begins with Vishuddha Blue playing through its 10,000 watts of sound (depending on the location) many different frequencies, chants, and healing instruments that resonates and opens up The Throat Chakra. During this session, participants are encouraged to bring their instruments to chime in on the vibrational healing.

Instructed by Siriana Tantrika
Siriana Tantrika started her journey in college where she studied Sociology and Anthropology. She began the process of self-exploration after a series of experiments with different traditions starting from Wicca, Agnosticism, Christianity, and Buddhism.

In 2006, Siriana found herself needing to heal after ending a tumultuous relationship. It was then she found Rastafari after meeting a reggae and Rastafari veteran Judah Eskender Tafari who poured lots of information about Ethiopia. The journey had only begun. She went on to research more about Rastafari and Ethiopia and found the similarities the previous holds with India and Hinduism. During this time she would find herself immersed in the Tantrik path and philosophy. It was then that the Tantrika was born.

Siriana has 13 years of experience in the Tantrik arts including touch, sound, meditation, sex and fertility counseling. She incorporates sound and color in the meditation practice using solfeggio tones for the healing of traumas and the alignment of our chakras.

Join Siriana T in a self-exploration journey to heal yourself from the core! Namaste!

The Art of Movement
Instructed by Ronnie QI - The Apprentice of Peace
The Apprentice of Peace has an intriguing meaning for all who hear it. For Ronnie QI Harvey the meaning is life changing. For the last five years, Ronnie QI Harvey has been teaching youth in Denver Public schools how to be their best selves through Tai Chi and the Apprentice of Peace formula. From first-hand experience, he reflects his story of transformation, change, and success. The Apprentice of Peace formula is engaging and interactive, and you'll learn what it means to be an apprentice of peace as you go on a remarkable journey of change.

He's been a frequent visitor at 88.5 KGNU Wellness Wednesday, 9 News health fairs, and community events like Juneteenth and Black Jazz fest. He's a special guest every year at Peace Day at Brown Elementry.

Self-Expression Dance
According to the Cambridge English Dictionary 'Self-Expression' is the expression of one's feelings, thoughts, or ideas, especially in writing, art, music, or dance. This session is the time to let it all out in whatever style or however style you like.


Badbwoy BMC
(Loveland Sound / Eye-Ten Recordings / Dub, Jungle, Reggae)
A champion of global bass music culture, Badbwoy BMC is a presence known throughout American drum and bass, dubstep, rap, and dancehall sounds for over 20 years. Musically driven by the positive energy of bass music, his live sets contain technical skills gained only by experience and offered musically diverse selections that appeal to both new school and old school heads. Playing a fusion of music in a unique form, Badbwoy BMC has shared vibes with audiences in locations that include festivals, warehouses, beaches, club events, and even the occasional cave. His original production works are released on numerous music labels. Additionally, he co-manages his own imprint, Eye-Ten Recordings and has published the infamous 90s Drum and Bass magazine known as Pride. Facebook SoundCloud Youtube Instagram iTunes


(Denver CO / Singer/Songwriter/Performance Artist/Reggae)
Spellbinder has received numerous musical awards and currently has 10 albums. As an artist and a humanitarian spellbinder and his music comes with a message. No matter who you are or where you come from; if what you are doing makes you happy, whole, complete, humble, loving and kind and if what you do is bringing harm to no one at all keep doing it !!!! We are on borrowed time so embrace life friends and live to love and love to learn and you see the truth in all things. Facebook Youtube Instagram

Yahru El Guru
(Denver CO / Beats 4 DJs Records / Afro House, Tribal, Digital Dub)
Yahru began his career as a DJ in 2006 in the Denver music scene and worked multiple residencies in some of the best venues in Colorado. His energetic performances made a name for him and elevated him into a prominent entertainer. Yahru El Guru is a visionary who was blending reggae, hip-hop, and electronic music long before it was popularized by others. His vision of music helped him drive further into the music business creating his own label Beats 4 DJs Records with several sub-labels and signing several artists. He moved to Japan and also developed the label working with several international acts performing regularly in Japan and plunging into the Southeast Asia music scene. Recently returned to the U.S., he continues performing, developing new talent, and furthering the vision of music which transcends entertainment and serves to heal people. This became the Vishuddha Blue Sound System.   Youtube    Instagram

The Dubman Bee
(Boston MA / Dub, Digital Dub, Deep Dub)
The Dubman Bee, flying in from Massachusetts is planning on giving you a set in a Boston style. Not only is The Dubman Bee a talent DJ, but is also skilled in photography and video. Check out the link below.

(Denver Colorado / Dubstep)
Shiba started DJ’ing in 1997 with a couple of belt-driven turntables and a handful of house and trance records and when dubstep came along in the mid-2000’s he knew he had found a sound that he loved. He has performed across Colorado and a few other spots in the USA. In 2013 he went to Croatia to play at the legendary Outlook Festival. He grew up in the San Luis Valley of Colorado living in both Monte Vista and Center which helped him develop a diverse taste in music genres and influences which he uses to dig deep and discover artists and tunes that fly low under the radar of the general dubstep landscape and you can expect to hear music during his sets that nobody else can bring to the dance”.



Closing Vibrations
Rounding off the experience with some calming music to help in coming back down and centering within yourself. The perfect time to give your new friends hugs and wish them safe travels love and light.

Additional Information
Joyful Journey, Hot Springs Spa, is a peaceful oasis nestled in the Sangre De Cristo mountains of the San Luis Valley. Each overnight guest enjoys complimentary soaking in the all-natural mineral hot springs from the day of arrival through day of departure, daily breakfast, and dinner on Friday and Saturday evenings.

Denver to Joyful Hot Springs 3 hours
Colorado Springs to Joyful Hot Springs 2.5 hours Grand Junction to Joyful Hot Springs 4 hours Durango to Joyful Hot Springs 3 hours
Santa Fe NM to Joyful Hot Springs 3.5 hours

You don't have to rush home right away. After all, it’s a holiday weekend. So stay overnight in Joyful Journeys well-maintained lodging. Choose the traditional style hotel room, or rest the night in a Mongolian style Yurt, or dust off your tent or pull your RV up to their numerous camp and RV sites. Visit their website for more details.
Joyful Journey Hotsprings & Spa

Whether you're staying the night or not, you can't pass up soaking in Joyful hot springs. The water rises from the travertine springs at between 120 and 145 degrees, They maintain their pools between 98 and 108 degrees. The water is a sodium bicarbonate type with significant levels of boron, calcium, lithium, and magnesium along with several other beneficial minerals. Joyful Journey Hotsprings & Spa - Pools

After the Self-Expression Dance, do you know what will sound good? You know it! A 30 min to an hour Spa treatment. Package deals ranging from $50 to $150 Joyful Journey Hotsprings & Spa - Spa

FREQUENTLY ASKED QUESTIONS Are the pools treated with chlorine? No Is alcohol allowed? Not in the pool area Is Joyful Cannabis friendly? Yes Joyful Journey Hotsprings & Spa - faqs

Now that you're all rejuvenated and relaxed on a Sunday morning, it will be a perfect time to check out eleven of the weirdest things to do in the valley. Visit here Attractions

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