Joyful Journey Hotsprings and Spa (Success)

Tuesday, 19 March 2019 16:16

I must say that in my opinion Vishuddha Blue Sound System at Joyful Journey Hotsprings and Spa was a success. Everyone that participated got there healing and overstanding in the way that they asked.

I want to give thanks to Joyful Journey Hotsprings and Spa + staff for the A1 hospitality. Much love to Charmaine for helping me organize and making sure everything went smoothly and for making sure that we all were able to rest well.

I give thanks to all the artist that performed and shared their gems in the fullest no matter the circumstance or time of day.

Spellbinder - Thank you for so many things. Too many to count. But at least thank you for blessing the mic and holding the vibe.

House of Rastafari - I also want to say thank you for blessing the mic and giving your all. We all enjoyed your performance.

Intager - Big ups to you! You have a new fan. I enjoyed your selection from the first time we've met in San Antonio TX. May you remain blessed and I look forward to working with you in the near future.

Badbwoy BMC - What can be said? You dropped a two-hour set that was so good that no one noticed that you've been on for so long. We all dug your mixing, and I am elated that you came out to drop some tunes. I'm ready for round two — big love to you, your Queen, and likkle Kingston.

Shiba - Closed the night just right with Dubstep and Dub. Thank you! An awesome person and it shows through in his mixing and mingling. That won't be the last time brotha.

The Dubman Bee - In my Caribbean accent, "Mahn yah freak'n kill it stahr" Thank you, Thank you, Thank you, for doing all my promo pictures, filming the event, going above and beyond just to see that the Vishuddha Blue Sound System gets on its feet. TDB gave an all vinyl set of Dub, Dubstep, and Dancehall.......WOW!

Ronnie QI - It feels like we've met many times before. I give thanks for the Tai Chi class you instructed us in. Your teaching style was very comfortable, and I look forward to being instructed from you again. I overstand your story, and I am proud of you for overcoming the cycle-trap that is put in place to keep many of us stuck and making them money. I bow. From experience I know it wasn't easy.

Siriana T - Give thanks for guiding us through a powerful meditation. We all felt it — much love for setting the tone for the evening of overstanding and healing.

Big ups to everyone that came from near and far, Boulder in was in the building, Colorado Springs, Aurora, Denver and many more.
All is love.

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