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  • Start : 09:00pmEnd : 02:00am

    Soja, Dj Yahru, The Movement

  • Start : 09:00pmEnd : 03:00am

    Yahru El Guru, Mistah Nerf, Dj Rad, Eric Gella, Jason David



    MISTAH NERF official FB page:
    Beats 4 DJS Records and Mistah NerF are about to invade the Iloilo City club scene and give you a totally unique EDM experience the likes of which you've never seen! William Buchanan aka YEGDJ, who has participated in several top notch performances with some of the reggae dub and electro house industry's best, including UB40, E40, The Wailers (Bob Marley's Band), Dub Squad, Mad Professor, Das EFX and Asher Roth, among others, is heading over all the way from Japan to drop the M-Bomb on Ilonggo clubbers and partygoers everywhere. Expect an innovative mix of dubstep, drum & bass, electro house, moombah and anything you can associate with ELECTRONIC DANCE MUSIC!

    During UBT, everyone will be taking part in a music video shoot live during the gig itself, featuring Mistah NerF's collaboration with K-Chan, "Every Minute." This video will be marketed to hell and back all over the World Wide Web, allowing the Ilonggo club scene to shine through and cross international barriers. Since this party is nothing like what you'll ever experience, we hope to see you come in your rowdiest, craziest, most avante garde get-up as we intend to emulate the dubstep party scene in the U.S. and the UK. Bring your glow sticks, wear the most outrageous wardrobe choices and simply have fun rockin' the wobbles with YEGDJ and Mistah NerF until the wee hours of the weekend mornings!

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