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    Beat Circuit, SGT Remo, YEGDJ, Samtroy, Rio, Lee, Matt Frnzi, Tim Favro, Dj Aki

  • Start : 02:00pmEnd : 03:00pm

    Asaru, having a deep inner desire for travel and adventure. A want to set one's own pace in life without being governed by tradition.

    This week on Asaru Sessions 0003 Yahru.Guru will be taking us on an eclectic journey through Reggae Dub, Deep Dub, Psy, Tribal Beats, and Reggae House remixes. 

    For the first thirty minutes, you will explore the sounds of Dub, then move into Psy for about ten minutes, and then round it off with twenty minutes of Tribal Beats, Minimal, and Reggae House.


    The lineup for this session is as follows:

    DUBAMINE - Joker Smoker

    Mais - Alcaline 

    Binary & Dillard - Curve 

    RDG & GAZE ILL - The Zone 

    KARMA - Cha 

    RDG & GAZE ILL - Keepin it Real

    Afrikan Mocking Bird (Verse 2)

    Cessna Riddim

    Coola #6

    White Magic

    World Cry Riddim (Brutal Mix)

    Chit Chat


    Yotopia - Master Key (Time In Motion Remix)

    Live Your Life

    Endless Symphony

    Flying Objects

    Afrika - Coyu 10 Years Later Remix

    Rastafari (The Caribbean Chaman Mix)

    Natural Mystic (Lissat & Voltaxx Dreadlock Remix)

    Feel The Bass (AudioDamage & Alex Davies Mix)

    Tribal State Of Mind (Original Mix)

    Arabian Princess

    Uitzicht (Stil and Bense Remix)

    Selfish Love (Pedro Carrilho & Nanau Remix)


    We hop you enjoy this weeks Asaru Sessions.

    Asaru Sessions 0003 

    You can also follow us socially on:

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  • Start : 10:00amEnd : 02:00am

    Modern Day & Royal Hemp Presents

    Vans & Chucks - A 4/20 Event

    Soort Out - Jamaica

    Denver Co. Japan-Philippines
    Beats 4 DJs Records
    Tribal Beats, House Music, Reggae Dub, Deep Dub, Psychedelic, and Ethnic Rhythms

    Dj KMOR - Texas

    Open Mic Session
    $10 Tickets at the door

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