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  • Start : 12:00amEnd : 11:45pm

    Yahru El Guru will be releasing "Tribal Guru" A digital compilation highlighting Tribal House, Tribal Tech, and Ethnic rhythms. This release will be available in all digital music stores (I.E. I-Tunes, Beatport, Juno Download).

    Supporting records lables:
    Microscopiq Soundz
    7C Recordings
    Greenbeat Records
    Finn Records
    Mariposa Record
    Chibar Records
    Streamin Music
    Instrumental Factory
    FineGrind Audio
    Chibar Records
    Beats 4 Djs Records

    Featuring tracks from these artist:
    Torsion Soul
    Parallel Sides & Ossios feat. EC
    Radikal Sound'boy
    Sebastian Cha
    Goeran Meyer
    Benn Finn
    Orson Welsh
    Edwardo Ruthez

    Pick the compilation up at Beatport

  • Start : 09:00pmEnd : 11:00pm

    May the force of "The All Within All" be with you. Yahru El Guru with his eclectic blend of Tribal Beats, House Music, Reggae Dub, Deep Dub, Psychedelic, and Ethnic rhythms will be "On Air" at KGNU radio Boulder, June 17th, 2017 in support of "Return of the Yahru" party. Hosting "Electronic Air" that evening is none other than Buddha Bomb. Buddha Bomb will be interviewing Yahru and giving him an hour set to give you a sample of what's going to go down at "Return of the Yahru" party July 15th, 2017. June 17th, 2017 9PM-11PM You can Tune-In online at or Boulder 88.5FM/Denver 1390AM/Nederland 93.7FM/Fort Collins 98.7FM

  • Start : 08:00amEnd : 05:00pm

    This is a Chill House compilation mix by Yahru El Guru (Yahru.Guru) featuring 14 artists and an hour-long continuous mix.

    Featured artists and Labels::
    Sebastian Weikum - Intelligent God Records
    Mighty Real - Nidra Music
    Kephee - Chibar Records
    Benn Finn - Finn Records
    Maps of Hyperspace - Stasis Recordings
    DegreeZero - Embark Music
    Baldostone - Sixtynine Recordings
    Aaron the Baron feat. Mike Anderson - Davino Records
    Radikal Sound'boy - OXYMOR RECORDS
    Torsion Soul - Microscopiq Soundz
    Chillelektro - Nidra Music
    Stube - Quadriga Recordings
    Yahru el Guru - Beats 4 DJs Records

    Yasurau -

  • Start : 09:00pmEnd : 02:00am

    Return of the Yahru

    A long time ago, in a galaxy far, far away... 

    Well not that far, just the other side of Earth. Japan to be exact, where Yahru spent five years mixing music at famous clubs, collaborating on tracks with his Asiatic friends, and learning new cultures and sounds. He joins us now upon his return to Turtle Island (aka North America), eager to showcase his unique style of mixing on par with any Jedi.

    He has studied ancient and modern cultures to form his eclectic blend of Tribal Beats, House Music, Reggae Dub, Deep Dub, Psychedelic, and Ethnic rhythms. And now he is ready to present his art live for the first time since the “Return of The Yahru."

    “Return of The Yahru” will be produced by Beats 4 DJs Records. Just as every Luke needs a Han, Chewy, and R2D2, Yahru will be supported by his crew. The cast of characters includes international, national and local artists known as Domino Trixter, Oso Menace, and Yahighnis. 

    Domino Trixter

    Facebook Page

    This DJ is the perfect complement to "Return of The Yahru". Domino Trixter can pump up a crowd and rock a party like no other. He has 20 years of experience in all genres of music under his belt. So when he steps to the decks, you can expect perfected blends of Chicago House, Bass Music, Dub, Riddim, Electro, Drum N Bass, Glitch Hop, Electro Soul, Funk, and Breaks. 

    Oso Menace 


    An internationally known Hip-Hop MC who’s been stunning crowds for six years while opening for famous artists such as Bizzy Bone, Young Bleed, Lil Flip, Lil Wayne, and Wiz Khalifa. He has been gaining in popularity from North America to the United Kingdom, The Netherlands, Ghana, and even Egypt. Oso Menace is the fresh and energetic fix that will boost “Return of The Yahru”. His reality MCing not only touches the difficulties in urban life but also reaches the realm of achievement through struggle. 



    National Hip Hop MC influenced by the likes of Jimi Hendrix and Bob Marley with a knack of rhyming over Trap, Dub, and House music. Give him a funky beat, and he’ll give you new innovative rhymes. Like the Dragon & Phoenix (a Feng Shui symbol of balance), Yahighnis can poetically express his mundane experiences through his spiritual overstanding. This gives his listeners the ultimate experience to reality rap.  

    All of these talents together will produce the event that will not be forgotten…

    "Return of The Yahru."

  • Start : 09:30pmEnd : 02:00am

    Hue - The property of light by which the color of an object is classified as red, blue, green, or yellow in reference to the spectrum. The origin of the word dates back to Middle English hewe, and Old English h ī w, meaning form, appearance, color. 

    Man - A member of the species Homo sapiens or all the members of this species collectively, without regard to sex

    Hue-Man Dance
    We are all Hue-man or color people. Or simply people of many different forms, appearances, and shades. We ALL are of the HUE-MAN race. Once we stop dividing ourselves into races of color, we will have taken a huge step to overstanding that we are all one. Divided we are conquered, together we are a movement.

    Once a month for the next six months, we will be featuring The Hue-Man Dance. This will be a party that celebrates the oneness of every person, place, and thing; as one energy, one vibration. Together we will dance, vibe, and love. 

    To help make the Hue- Man Dance a reality, Beats 4 DJs Records & Boogie Groove Entertainment will be merging genres into one dance-filled party. Let’s use our individual hue-man experiences to spark open-mindedness, awareness, and dialogue. With music and information, we plan on introducing you to many different styles and cultures that make up the Hue-Man Dance Movement. 

     Tommy Filtas
    Had a formidable breakout when he played Burning Man in 2015 with Camp Sleazy Beaches. There he scored on the intimidating, yet highly rewarding, Basscouch sound system, and used this opportunity to grow his Soundcloud page. Soundcloud is where you’ll be riveted by his versatility in breaks, soulful house, bass music, progressive, tech house, and techno. He has continued to perform at such Denver hotspots as Hai Bar, Vinyl, Bar Standard, and Lincoln St. Station sharing stages with the likes of Lee Reynolds, Mikey Lion, Lee Burridge, Jon Bishop, and Bunny from Rabbit in the Moon.

    Label owner and DJ, mixes an eclectic blend of Tribal Beats, House Music, Reggae Dub, Deep Dub, Psychedelic, and Ethnic rhythms. He has shared stages and booths with: The Wailers, Mad Professor, Collie Buds, DJ Peanut Butter Wolf, and Israel Vibration, to name a few. Yahru is international, having DJ’d throughout North America, Japan, and The Philippines.

    J Zen (aka Jaime Medina)
    Was raised in the South Side of Chicago, and came to Denver at age 17. Although new to the art of the DJ, his whole life has been music. His inspiration comes from legends such as John Digweed, Sasha, George Acosta, and Chicago legend Bad Boy Bill. J Zen's seamless transitions will hypnotize you on a journey of sound through the deepest depths of your soul, using progressive, progressive breaks, minimal, house, trance, tech, and deep house.
    Read more…

  • Start : 10:00amEnd : 05:00pm

    Deep House

    Denver based DJ and label owner Yahru El Guru will release his third compilation Deep House in digital format on 10/27/2017. The album will release on Beats 4 DJs Records, and distribution will be exclusively digital on all music portals like iTunes, Spotify, Beatport, etc. Yahru describes this album as "Going deeper in the overstanding of self.”

    Featured artists and Labels::
    Not For Me-Above-Circus Beats Records
    Saint Sound-Broken Clocks-7C Recordings
    Michael Clifford-Dark Control (Mr. Phy Cut Mintek Mix)-Lounge Bazar
    DNando Fortunato-You Can't Change (Extended Mix)-Infinity Rec.
    Beat Circuit-Micro Mystikal (Samtroy Remix)-Beats 4 Djs Records
    Codar-Lost in Dreams-TekknologyMusic
    Deep Azur-Sunset Island (Beach Club Mix)-Bikini Sounds Rec.
    Tobias Köppel-I Know-21st
    Buurman van Dalen-Music Man-Streamin Music
    Stradivarius-Steel in the Mood-She's Super
    Yahru el Guru-Deep House (Continuous DJ Mix)-Beats 4 Djs Records

    Yahru El Guru DJ (aka YEGDJ), was born November 15, 1976, in Walnut Creek, California as William Buchanan. He is a House, Tribal House, Reggae, and Dub-Stepping DJ, who has shared stages and booths with The Wailers, Mad Professor, Collie Buds, DJ Peanut Butter Wolf, and Israel Vibration.

    Listen to the compilation: 

  • Start : 12:00amEnd : 03:00am

    KGNU Radio

    For More Info

    TUNE IN Thursday night, July 19th at Midnight as Buddha Bomb hosts KGNU Radio’s Sleepless Nights.

    This show will feature interviews and music with Yahru El Guru and Sgt. Remo!

    Sleepless Nights is a musical variety show with no holds barred. Buddha Bomb plays world tribal trance, eclectic world-beats, glitch-hop, tribal-house, psychedelic trance and many other genres. Frequent guests bring the music they love and share it with the audience. Some of the shows are edgy when BB interviews guests, sometime exploring topics such as mind-control, net-neutrality, chem-trails, and anti-fracking. ANYTHING GOES on late-night radio and Buddha Bomb delivers the goods. TUNE IN Locally at 88.5FM in Boulder, 1390AM in Denver, 98.7FM in Fort Collins and 93.7FM in Nederland.

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