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March 2019
  • Start : 09:00pmEnd :

    King Remo Sound System is proud to announce our one year anniversary. This special event features our special guest:

    -BUKKHA (Moonshine/Dub-Stuy/Nice Up!/Lion Charge) coming from all the way from Valladolid, Spain.

    Special guest Yahru El Guru (Beats for DJ's Records) and the full Vishudda Blue Sound System (Denver, CO).


    Plus performances by:

    Bukkha - (Spain) Dubstep/Digital Dub/Dub/Bass

    Intager - (San Antonio TX) DrumNBass/Jungle/Bass/Dubstep

    Yahru El Guru (VBSS) - (Denver CO) Afro House/Afro-Beat/Tribal/Digital Dub

    Sgt. Remo (KRSS) - (San Antonio TX) Reggae/Dancehall/RootsNCulture

    Ras G - (San Antonio TX) Reggae/RootsNCulture

    Jace Spocky - (San Antonio TX) Dubstep/Bass


    Visuals by Aaron Pena!

    This one is going to be for the books! 2 heavyweight sound systems, international DJ's/producers, and wicked MC's at San Antonio's home of Reggae...Caribbean Mix.
    Get your tickets...this one is going to sell out!

    Pre-Sale General Admission Tickets only $7

    VIP tickets - (minimum 2 ticket purchase) $25 each ticket. Includes a table, Jamaican food plate, and 1 free drink. Only 10 VIP tickets are available!!!

  • Start : 06:00pmEnd : 08:00pm

    Join Yahru El Guru and Vishuddha Blue Sound System along with Austin’s own DJ Pappa C aka McPullish and Hylary “Kjerste” Ahrendt (RYT 500, CPT) for an all-levels yoga class & sound healing experience
    hosted by Yoga For All.

    Operated by Yahru El Guru, Vishuddha Blue is a custom-made Sound System that delivers up to 10,000 Watts of sound. This system was designed to deliver clear sound when throat-chakra nourishing
    frequencies are played. Through vibration and movement, Vishuddha Blue Sound System aims to promote consciousness and awareness in an atmosphere where we can gather, meditate, reason, heal, stretch, and dance.

    BYOM (Bring Your Own Mat)
    Price: Free-Will Offering (Donation). A portion of the proceeds to benefit The Seedling Foundation (Austin, TX).
    Location: Mueller Lake Park
    4550 Mueller Blvd, Austin, TX 78723

    The session will flow like so:
    * All-Levels Yoga Flow 1hr
    * Tonal Sound Healing 20min
    * Chakra Dance 40min

    For detailed info visit


  • Start : End :

    On St. Patrick’s Day Weekend it won’t be only about wearing green and chilling with your favorite leprechauns, because over in the San Luis Valley, a beautiful oasis has emerged called Joyful Journey Hot Springs and Spa; and at this mineral filled retreat, Vishuddha Blue Sound System will be displaying its vibrant colors and reverberating sound for the first time in Colorado.

    So gather up your family of all ages and call your friends, March 16th will be the date to soak, heal, dance and become whole again; with Sound Healing, meditation, Tai Chi, and Five hours filled with intoxicating beats provided by DJs spinning Roots Reggae, Digital Dub, Afro House, and Tribal.

    Saturday, March 16th, 2019

    01:00PM – 08:00PM

    Joyful Journey Hotsprings & SPA
    28640 CR 58 EE, Moffat, CO 81143
    719-256-4328 (Heat)
    32 miles south of Salida and 50 miles north of Alamosa in the San Luis Valley of south-central Colorado - on Highway 17 one mile south of the Highway 285 junction.

    Entrance fee:
    We are not charging a set price for this event, but we are more than happy to accept Free-Will offerings. Upon arrival, you'll be given the program schedule and an envelope, and if you 'Will,' put a contribution in it and drop it off at the Free-Will Offering box which will be located at the Vishuddha Blue Merch table, it will be highly appreciated. The offerings will go towards keeping our events family-friendly without set cost.

    For detailed information

April 2019
  • Start : 06:00pmEnd : 08:00pm

    Join Yahru El Guru and Vishuddha Blue Sound System along with Hylary “Kjerste” Ahrendt (RYT 500, CPT) for an all-levels yoga class, sound healing experience, and Let-It-All-Out Chakra Dance.

    Presented by Yoga For All TX.

    Vishuddha Blue is a custom-made Sound System operated by Yahru El Guru; that delivers up to 10,000 Watts of sound. This system was designed to deliver clear sound when throat-chakra nourishing
    frequencies are played. Through vibration and movement, Vishuddha Blue Sound System aims to promote consciousness and awareness in an atmosphere where we can gather, meditate, reason, heal, stretch, and dance.

    BYOM (Bring Your Own Mat)
    Price: Donation-based
    (Portion of the proceeds go to Seedling Mentors - )
    Location: Mueller Lake Park
    4550 Mueller Blvd, Austin, TX 78723

    The session will flow like so:
    * All-Levels Yoga Flow 1hr
    * Sound Healing 20min
    * Chakra Dance 40min

    Hylary "Kjerste" Ahrendt (RYT 500, CPT)
    An avid globetrotter, athlete, and holistic wellness enthusiast, Hylary draws from her formal training and life gatherings to offer students a genuinely expansive yogic experience. Her teachers are Austin's very own Gioconda Parker, Shanti Kelley, and Shelby Autrey. Yoga teaches us to wear our experience like a hand wears a glove. Through the practice, we learn to
    slow down, observe, and participate with intention. Music - including that of the human heartbeat - plays an integral part in the participatory dance. Join us as we explore rhythm and waves to find the flow and deepen our connection with intuition!

     Donation-based event

    This is a no-cost donation-based event brought to you by Yoga For All TX and Vishuddha Blue Sound System. If you're feeling generous in helping us to keep the movement alive, you can click on the link below. DONATE & TICKETS > NO THANKS, I'D JUST LIKE TO DONATE > SELECT THE AMOUNT > LEAVE A MESSAGE > TYPE IN SOME INFO > SELECT C/D, VENMO, OR PAYPAL > ALL DONE Thank you for your contribution.





  • Start : 07:00pmEnd : 12:00am

    AOPera: The Prequel
    Friday, April 26, 2019, at 7 PM – 12 AM MDT
    Event Info: Facebook Event Page

    AOPera: The Prequel, is the first annual Gala to celebrate The Apprentice of Peace Youth Organization. It is an opera styled, Tai Chi based performance that will include Tai Chi Sword, poetry, music, and more. Help us continue to reduce mental health stigma and increase life skills in youth by supporting us at this event.

    Sound provided by Vishuddha Blue Sound System


May 2019
  • Start : 01:00pmEnd : 11:00pm

    Whether you're celebrating Cinco De Mayo as a Mexican Independence Day or celebrating the victory over the French in 1862, or maybe it's your weekend off; whatever the case may be, you are invited to celebrate with Vishuddha Blue Sound System and special guest. A one-time event that's apart of the Dub-land Series usually hosted at Loco Artisan Coffee House in Loveland CO.

    This event is sponsored by

    Akente Express (Official Sponsor)
    919 Park Ave W, Denver, CO 80205

    LoCo Artisan Coffee House
    544 Cleveland Ave Loveland CO

    NOCO Studio Tattoo
    425 E Eisenhower Blvd, Loveland, CO 80538

    May 4th, 2019
    1 pm - 11pm
    The Artspace (Outdoors)
    140 W 3rd St, Loveland, CO 80537
    BYOM (Bring Your Own Mat)
    Donation-Based Event

    Open Ceremony by Michael Salchert
    Live Piano with Roger James
    Spoken Word by Sandra Gisonti

    Art Show Featuring:
    Holly Kirkman
    Asha Ope
    Michael Salchert
    Dion Weichers

    LIVE SOUND HEALING (1 pm - 2 pm)
    Instructed by Kathy Sietos
    *FREE-FORM MEDITATION (2 pm - 3:30 pm)
    *THE ART OF MOVEMENT (3:30 pm - 4:30 pm)
    Instructed by Natasha Chaoua
    Yahru El Guru (4:30 pm-5:30 pm)
    *Chelsmosis (5:30 pm - 6:30 pm)
    (Loveland Sound / Dubstep)
    *Shiba (6:30 pm-7:30 pm)
    (Denver Colorado / Dubstep)
    *DJ Wadada (7:30 pm -8:30 pm)
    (Conscious Dubstep / Dub)
    *Badbwoy BMC (8:30-9:30)
    (Dub, Jungle, Reggae)
    *Special Guest (TIl Closed)

    Join in at no-cost and experience live sound healing, meditation, and the let-it-all-out chakra dance, but If you're feeling generous, or want to participate in the all-levels yoga class right in front of the system, or maybe you think that you might get a little hungry in the evening, then you might want to grab a bit to eat an drink; check out our three donation packages.

    Package One
    Suggested Donation $5-$20
    1. A plate of food (Vegetarian - Soup, Rice, Salad)
    2. Two complimentary non-alcoholic drinks

    Package Two
    Suggested Donation $25-$40
    1. A plate of food (Vegetarian - Soup, Rice, Salad)
    2. Vishuddha Blue Sound System T-Shirt (Limited sizes and colors)
    3. Two complimentary non-alcoholic drinks

    Package Three
    Suggested Donation $45 -$60
    1. A plate of food (Vegetarian - Soup, Rice, Salad)
    2. VBSS T-Shirt.
    3. All-levels Yoga class with Natasha back by a pre-recorded Jacob Miller set. Dedicated Space in front of Vishuddha Blue to be sure that you get the full sound healing as well.
    3. Two complimentary non-alcoholic drinks

    For detailed Information visit:

    Send your donations in before May 1st
    You can submit your contributions via Paypal.

June 2019
  • Start : 03:00pmEnd : 03:00am

    Vishuddha Blue Sound System @ The Gypsy House

    Saturday, June 1st, 2019
    Indoor/Outdoor Event
    3 pm - til Close

    Feel free to come and go as you please through out the day.

    Meet-N-Greet, Vending, Poetry, Sound Healing, Yoga, and Dance.


    Sliding-Scale Donation-Based Event.
    A percentage of proceeds will go towards
    Guided by Humanity, Gypsy House Cafe, Musicians, and Instructors.


    Vegan and Vegetarian food provided by xŌchitl

    Gypsy House Cafe
    1545 South Broadway Denver CO.
    The Gypsy House Cafe is 4,100 square feet of space which can be seen from the street by the two huge gypsy-themed murals on the front and side of the building. Art by Vela Art from New Mexico.

    Guided by Humanity
    Guided by Humanity's mission is to provide underrepresented communities with access to the benefits of yoga and mindfulness. The purpose of Guided By Humanity is to create inclusive, accessible, and compassionate yoga and mindfulness opportunities within the community and their vision is to create a culture of compassion within all communities regardless of ability or background. They believe that all people deserve equal access to the benefits of holistic health and wellness for self-empowerment, community connection, and healthy minds and bodies.

    MEET-N-GREET W/ Bouncy Castle (3 PM-4 PM)
    This is a perfect time to hang-out, meet new people, eat some food, and let the youth run around and jump on the bouncy castle.

    POETRY (4 PM-5 PM)
    Open Mic Poetry with two special guests.
    Please message me if you'd like to do a performance. or via Facebook.

    HERB-N-WORDS (Reasoning Session 01) (5 PM-7 PM)
    Brought to you by Aaron Horner
    Documented by Brynmore Williams

    Herb-n-Words Reasoning session 01 is about hanging out with friends and family over some good herbs and reasoning about life and our current spiritual situation. This is an opening discussion and everyone is welcome to join.

    The purpose of the gathering is to share cultural knowledge, build upon our awareness, and to create unity among us all. We ask that no matter the disagreement, we all act with respect towards each other as this is how relationships are made. To agree is to validate yet to disagree is to be seen as a learning opportunity. Not a means to antagonize. To question or disagree is absolutely encouraged but in a respectful manner. We learn in such ways and grow relationships. We are all brothers and sisters and all pieces of the puzzle. Only when we come together does the picture become complete so we must learn that all the pieces fit.
    We all have a responsibility to the next generations to show how we all need to come together. We must begin by gathering our nations. Only then can we create the unified whole.
    Only then will the next generations be able to abolish the deep divisions between us and guide the next. This is a call for the reasoning, to share knowledge, to guide, to learn, and to grow.

    Feel free to join or listen to the reasoning.
    Aaron Horner
    Yahru El Guru
    Michael Salert
    J (Of Positive Vibes Smoke Shop)
    Nate (Of Positive Vibes Smoke Shop)
    Ras Elbow
    and many more.

    Feel many different vibrational tones and Tibetan chants through Vishuddha Blue Sound System. Stretch out on the floor, sit in lotus position, or hang-out for the healing.

    Instructed by Nora Dechant
    Nora is a trained practitioner in Yoga, Craniosacral, Jin Shin, Access Bars, and Reflexology all which are integrative, gentle therapies that can assist the body’s natural ability to heal. She has an Associates of Arts with a focus in Psychology. Nora’s mission is to encourage, empower and embrace the pursuit of vitality through gentle, caring touch. Honoring our body, mind and spirit’s natural ability to thrive.

    Yahru El Guru
    (Denver CO / Vishuddha Blue Sound System / Afro, Tribal, Digital Dub)
    Yahru began his career as a DJ in 2006 in the Denver music scene and worked multiple residencies in some of the best venues in Colorado. His energetic performances made a name for him and elevated him into a prominent entertainer. Yahru El Guru is a visionary who was blending reggae, hip-hop, and electronic music long before others popularized it. His vision of music helped him drive further into the music business creating his own label Beats 4 DJs Records with several sub-labels and signing several artists. He moved to Japan and also developed the name working with several international acts performing regularly in Japan and plunging into the Southeast Asia music scene. Recently returned to the U.S., he continues performing, developing new talent, and furthering the vision of music which transcends entertainment and serves to heal people. This became the Vishuddha Blue Sound System.

    (Loveland Sound / Dubstep)
    She started DJ'ing with the Texas Dub Crew in 2010 focusing on Dubstep, and heavy bass electronica, she continues to dabble in music and mixing at her new home in Loveland Colorado. Chelsea is also a tattoo artist, but her love for music and art will always be equally prominent.

    Badbwoy BMC
    (Loveland Sound / Eye-Ten Recordings / Dub, Jungle, Reggae)
    A champion of global bass music culture, Badbwoy BMC is a presence known throughout American Drum and Bass, Dubstep, Rap, and Dancehall sounds for over 20 years. Musically driven by the positive energy of bass music, his live sets contain technical skills gained only by experience and offered musically diverse selections that appeal to both new school and old school heads. Playing a fusion of music in a unique form, Badbwoy BMC has shared vibes with audiences in locations that include festivals, warehouses, beaches, club events, and even the occasional cave. His original production works are released on various music labels. Additionally, he co-manages his own imprint, Eye-Ten Recordings and has published the infamous 90s Drum and Bass magazine known as Pride.

    DJ Brynmore
    (Boston MA / Dub, Digital Dub, Deep Dub)
    DJ Brynmore, flying in from Massachusetts is planning on giving you a set in Boston Dubman stylie. Not only is he a talent DJ, but is also skilled in photography and video.

    Buddha Bomb
    (Boulder CO / Free-form / Buddha Bomb Music)
    Buddha Bomb has devoted the greatest part of his life to elevating consciousness and using music as a transformational conduit to bring healing and joy to thousands. His sets are inspired, seamless and often mystical. A Sonic Shaman he provides the fuel for the dance journey, which can bring you to your deepest depth and your highest height. Whether spinning Ambient, Psytrance, IDM, Old School or his own compositions Buddha Bomb gives it his all. Buddha is formless wherein all possibilities have space to occur. Buddha Bomb is Form - action, motion, heat, and beats. Buddha Bomb takes you there.

    Blood Preshah
    (Denver CO. /DJ/Engineer/On-Air Talent/Reggae)
    DJ BloodPreshah is Colorado's Premier Reggae Music DJ and Reggae Music Specialist. He has been involved in the Reggae Music Industry for over 15 years, As a Top DJ, Audio Engineer, On-Air Talent, Booking Agent, and Promoter.

    Spellbinder (Mic Toasting)
    (Denver CO / Singer/Songwriter/Performance Artist/Reggae)
    Spellbinder has received numerous musical awards and currently has ten albums. As an artist and a humanitarian spellbinder and his music comes with a message. No matter who you are or where you come from; if what you are doing makes you happy, whole, complete, humble, loving and kind and if what you do is bringing harm to no one at all keep doing it. We are on borrowed time so embrace life friends and live to love and love to learn and you see the truth in all things. Facebook Youtube Instagram


    Please submit your donations in advance before June 1st, 2019 so we can prepare to have your passes, the proper amount of food and drinks.
    You can submit your donations via GiveButter which is a platform that Accepts Venmo, Paypal, Credit Card, or Debit Card.

    Yes, I like to attend this event! Donate Now

    Donations/contributions in advance REALLY do help in keeping our events donation-based on a sliding scale.

    Love at the door suggested donation $30 Includes
    1. Entry into the event
    2. Big Hug by one of our staff or friends

    Big Love Event Pass suggested donation $25-$30 (Advance Donation Only) includes
    1. A plate of food (Vegan/Vegetarian) provided by xŌchitl
    2. Vishuddha Blue Sound System T-Shirt (limited sizes and quantity)
    3. $5 gift card from Akente Express (Valid only at this event)

    Love Big Event Pass suggested donation $15-$20 (Advance Donation Only) includes
    1. Entry to the event.
    2. Big Hug by one of our staff or friends

    Sponsored by
    Akente Express
    919 Park Ave W, Denver, CO 80205

    Positive Vibes Smoke and Gift Shop
    3398 S Broadway, Englewood, CO 80113

    Brynmore Williams
    Director | Cinematographer


    Alternation Brewing Company (Next door to Gypsy House)

    Certified Tattoo Studios (Next door to the Gypsy House)

    Besties Ice Cream

    Colorado Harvest Company (Across the street)

    Walk around and check local business in the area.

July 2019
  • Start : 10:00pmEnd : 03:00am

    Everything Nice Again 


    Once again, it's going down at the NEW Gypsy House Cafe Saturday, July 13th, 2019. This special event will kick off after Saturdays Black Art Festival ( Featuring DJ Tree dropping in from St. Louis and welcoming back Colorados own DJ Uplifter, and Colorados newest hard-hitting DJ Brynmore from Boston.

    Everything Nice Again
    Powered by Vishuddha Blue Sound System - Yahru El Guru

    Saturday, July 13th, 2019
    10 PM til close
    Vegan Food by Xochitl
    $20 at the door (Cheaper Pre-sales)

    DJ Brynmore
    Dub/Digi Dub/Reggae

    DJ Uplifter
    Reggae/Conscious Dancehall

    Ras Tree
    St. Louis

August 2019
  • Start : 10:00pmEnd : 03:00am

    Everything Nice Again-Two
    Saturday,August 10th, 2019.
    Gypsy House Cafe
    1545 S. Broadway Denver Colorado

    If you missed the last ENA party, don't fret! It's going down again to the early morning with top notch DJs spinning digital and all vinyl Reggae N Dub sets.
    Powered by Vishuddha Blue Sound System

    Vegan Food by Xochitl
    The show starts at 10 PM, but you'll want to arrive early as there is limited space.

    Dem Deya Sound
    B2B All-Vinyl two hour set.

    Dem Deya Sound is a Sound system and selector duo created by Darrien Williamson and Kyler Coates in efforts to continue the spread of positivity and good vibration through music at the highest and clearest quality. Which started as an idea in the UK became a reality a year later when Dem Deya Sound System became established in Denver, CO 2019. With a custom built sound system, the two spend their free time searching for and collecting all kinds of records from mainly roots rock reggae, funk, soul, hip hop, and electronic music.

    Selecta Razja
    Selecta Razja is a Denver based Selecta/DJ spinning a nice verity of the best dubwise reggae, roots, bass music to keep you moving to good music. (IRIE_VIBZ) (Denver CO)

    Bad Example
    This duo has been percolating in the background for some time now, collecting Roots Reggae and ready to bring their performance to you live and direct.

    When it comes to mixing music, these two are at the top of their game. You know......Itching to give you the best experience possible. This is fresh talent, and I am happy to be able to showcase them on Vishuddha Blue Sound System.

    Steve Lynch - Bass/DNB

September 2019
  • Start : 08:00amEnd : 05:00pm

    Vishuddha Blue S.S. Records is a Denver Colorado based sound system (Vishuddha Blue Sound System) dedicated to bringing you the best in Afro, Tribal, and Dub. For this compilation, we want to bring you what we feel is the next and best up and coming Dub music that should be played on every sound system worldwide. We hope you will enjoy it and see you at our next event.

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